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CardioSense Precision Blood Pressure Watch, Blood Glucose and ECG Watch

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CardioSense Precision Blood Pressure Watch, Blood Glucose and ECG Watch

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Are you looking for a smartwatch that can help you monitor your blood pressure and keep you in good health? Look no further than CardioSense Precision Blood Pressure Watch!

CardioSense is the perfect smartwatch for those who want to take control of their blood pressure and monitor it closely. With its advanced features and cutting-edge technology, CardioSense provides accurate and precise readings of your blood pressure.

The main selling point of CardioSense is its ability to accurately monitor your blood pressure in real-time. With its 1.39-inch 360*360 high-definition t-ouch screen and blood pressure monitoring feature, you can easily keep track of your blood pressure throughout the day.

The CardioSense smartwatch is equipped with a range of features that are designed to help you stay on top of your blood pressure readings. It comes with non-invasive blood pressure monitoring, heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, sleep monitoring, incoming call and message reminder, ultra-low power consumption, and long battery life.

In addition, the H Band app that comes with the CardioSense smartwatch is permanently free and ensures that personal data such as account passwords are only stored locally on the mobile phone and not uploaded to the server, which better protects personal privacy.

The CardioSense smartwatch is powered by a low power consumption GR5515 CPU chip, O-sram SFH2201 PPG sensor chip, TYHX3220 (high frequency 512HZ) E-CG chip, and GH3220 analog front-end + Os-ram SFH2201 blood oxygen chip. It also features a Rohm KXTJ3-1057 gravity acceleration sensor and a 280mAH (Seiko protective plate polymer P-ure cobalt battery) with 1.39 inches 360*360 HD t-ouch screen. The CardioSense smartwatch is waterproof with an IP68 level, and comes equipped with Bluetooth 5.1 (Android5.0 above, IOS10.0 above).

The full touch screen (full laminated screen) and USB magnetic suction 2pin charging cable make the CardioSense smartwatch easy to use and convenient to charge. It also includes health monitoring features such as sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder, and blood oxygen.

With a 30-day standby time and 4-7 days of daily battery life, CardioSense is the perfect smartwatch for those who want to monitor their blood pressure and stay on top of their health goals. The packing list includes 1 watch, 1 charging cable, an instruction manual, and a packing box.

Order your CardioSense Precision Blood Pressure Watch today and start monitoring your blood pressure like never before!

  • Accurate Blood Pressure Monitoring: With CardioSense, you can easily keep track of your blood pressure readings in real-time.
  • Non-Invasive Monitoring: CardioSense offers non-invasive blood pressure monitoring that is both convenient and comfortable to use.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: CardioSense also provides accurate heart rate monitoring, allowing you to keep track of your heart health as well.
  • Blood Oxygen Monitoring: CardioSense is equipped with a blood oxygen monitoring feature, which can help you monitor your oxygen levels throughout the day.
  • Sleep Monitoring: The sleep monitoring feature in CardioSense helps you keep track of your sleep patterns, providing insights on how to improve your sleep quality.
  • Sedentary Reminder: The sedentary reminder feature alerts you when you’ve been sitting for too long and encourages you to stay active.
  • Long Battery Life: With a 30-day standby time and 4-7 days of daily battery life, CardioSense offers long-lasting performance.
  • Waterproof: CardioSense is waterproof with an IP68 level, making it suitable for use in water-related activities.
  • Full Touch Screen: The full touch screen (full laminated screen) makes CardioSense easy to use and provides a clear display of your health metrics.
  • App Compatibility: CardioSense comes with a permanently free H Band app that allows you to easily monitor your health data and keep track of your progress.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Not very accurate

This watch was delivered in about 10 days which isn't bad as it comes from china .
It looks smart and has lots of functions but I have tested it along side a medical grade blood pressure monitor, a ECG monitor and tested my blood sugar and all of the readings have been way off compared to the medical equipment. I also have worn this watch on one arm and compared it to a name brand smart watch and the heart BPM isn't accurate also it's very slow in changing so it doesn't give you a second by second reading like the other smart watches it is delayed. I tested this by raising my heart rate to 125 bpm and then resting the watch said I was still at 125 bpm whilst resting even tho the heart rate monitor I was attached too had said it dropped significantly. I tested the step counter alongside a name brand digital watch and it also wasn't accurate and over a thousand steps it was out by more than 100 in 5 different tests also like the heart rate BPM it took a while for the straps to catch up they were not adding up till a few mins after . All in all this isn't that accurate so I can't recommend it . But the build quality is fine and there are some nice features .

Jeanne Sanchez
Great health watch for the price!

Just bought this new health watch. Seems to be very accurate. I wasn't sure the blood pressure feature would be accurate,
but I checked it against a good quality BP cuff and the readings on the watch were very close to the cuff!
Phone app was easy to download and works well with the watch.

Vivian Johnson
Great Smart Watch, Great Price

I bought this for my husband who is a heart patient and he needed the blood pressure,and oxygen features, as well as the fitness monitor. Unit was easy to set up and he's very happy with it after using it for 2 weeks.Definitely recommend!

John Mock
Like the size and options

I just started using the watch yesterday, but I am already impressed with it. It is easy to read and use. I have been checking my O2, Blood pressure, and pulse and I feel they are accurate readings. There is an app to download onto your apple or android phone which syncs with the watch. There are many more features, including sleep monitoring and fitness tracking. I can also set up the watch to alert me to phone calls and messages, though I haven't done this yet. I am very happy with my purchase.

Michael Jefferson
Great Watch

I will update this review as time goes on.
This is my 3rd smartwatch, this is the keeper for sure.
Well made, delicate in any way.
I took a shower with it, not an issue.
The watch band is super soft silicone and comfy, I mean it's totally perfect.
Clear crisp graphics, I mean really crisp and seriously clear.
Blood Pressure accuracy was amazing today, the Home BP Machine was 142/84 Watch was 144/85.
The timers are awesome and can be adjusted, and the stopwatch is great.