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ElleCare Portable Handheld Nebulizer Machine

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ElleCare Portable Handheld Nebulizer Machine

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Introducing The Nebulizer with a Face Steamer – Get Two Benefits in One Device!

ElleCare nebulizer and face steamer combine the advantage of a portable nebulizer and a facial moisturizer into one impressive device. Not only can it give you the benefits of clearer airways and better breathing patterns, it can also provide your skin the moisture it needs to remain soft and supple. 

The ElleCare is compatible with any solution. It works wonderfully, even if you’re just using water. Another plus of the ElleCare is that it’s handheld, portable, and very simple to use. 

If you love a nebulizer that delivers excellent vapor treatment that covers not just one but two concerns, this one’s for you.

The unique airflow control of the ElleCare makes it ideal and suitable for all ages. Unlike other brands, the ElleCare atomization level is auto set, you can definitely customize the settings based on who will be using the nebulizer and facial steamer. It’s highly recommended for people who are always on the go – it’s lightweight, easy to fit in bags, and a great addition to emergency kits. We even like how snug-fit the mouthpiece is, especially for kids, since it efficiently maximizes vapor consumption.


ElleCare Best Nebulizer Features

The most convenient nebulizer and facial steamer. The ElleCare portable nebulizer and handheld face steamer is lightweight, small, and compact enough to be conveniently carried and used at home, work, vacation, business trips, sports, or anytime a breathing treatment is needed. You will always have an emergency nebulizer ready whenever you need it. 

The nebulizer that fits all ages! The ElleCare humidifier and nebulizer comes with one nebulizer size for an adult and one for a child. It also comes with a mouthpiece for maximum medicine or vapor consumption. The atomization level is auto-set, meaning you can change the airflow settings based on different ages. 

The device includes 2 airflow control settings. The ElleCare is Equipped with two airflow control options. Low is recommended for babies and high is for kids and adults. 

The portable device can be powered by batteries. The Machine can be powered by USB or 2xAA Batteries.

The easiest portable nebulizer! The ElleCare handheld nebulizer machine is easily turned on with a push of a button. You won’t have to worry about complicated settings and features. 

The product you can use for multiple purposes. The product can be used for both breathing and deep skin facial hydration.

Made with the Best Design! 

The ElleCare high-standard nebulizer is one of the best handheld nebulizers in the market. Made with the best wellness goals in mind, ElleCare can always make you feel taken care of. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Annie Reiber
Works great and super easy to use

Super easy to put together and use. We use it for my two year old with asthma and it's super quiet. Easy to clean and runs off batteries or the USB. It's portable so we can use it everywhere at any time. I take it in my purse when we have long days away from home. Comes with attachments and the sizes are perfect for adults or children.

Gloria Stewart
Portable Nebulizer

It’s convenient can take it every where walking, hiking traveling. Use two double AA batteries not included also a portable cable charger cube not installed. Recently used is a live safer.

Robin Hadley
Great device, easily portable

If you need a nebulizer treatment at work or while you travel, this can’t be beaten for the price. It gets the medication out very well, and seems to have a good amount of power. If you need regular treatments at home, I do recommend a plug-in unit, but as a grab-and-go device, this really does works great.

Brenda dickey
Glad I bought this

I had been looking for a decent portable nebulizer for those times when I am out and about and need a dose of albuterol. This is just what I needed. Light, compact and works well.

Vera Bedwell
It’s portable and quiet.

My Son has had Asthma since he was a baby and is grown and still has it. He uses his nebulizer a lot and needs access to it when he needs it. This product allows for this because it’s smaller and portable and not loud like his other machine. Great product…..happy customer.