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OxiCare Fingertip Pulse Oximeter, Oxygen Saturation Monitor, Pulse and Heart Rate Monitor

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OxiCare Fingertip Pulse Oximeter, Oxygen Saturation Monitor, Pulse and Heart Rate Monitor

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

In this respiratory health emergency, there’s no other brand to trust to keep your OXYGEN LEVEL AND HEART RATE in check than the OxiCare Pulse Oximeter!

Get access to essential data about your health and avoid serious problems that may arise if left unchecked in the future. Just by giving close and thoughtful attention to your heart and breathing could save you hundreds of dollars of hospital bills and medication.

Take actions before it’s too late and monitor your oxygen levels and heartbeat wherever, whenever with IMDK OxiCare pulse oximeter!

IMDK OxiCare Finger Pulse Oximeter

The IMDK OxiCare finger pulse oximeter uses the latest oxygen sensor technology to accurately determine the level of oxygen in your blood (SpO2) in just 8 seconds. The measurement range is between 70% to 99% with ±2% accuracy and ±1% of resolution.

And using this device is easy peasy!

The Oxicare Pulse Oximeter fits with every finger size and provides 6,000 spot checks. It provides an easy, one-press operation and comes with a lanyard for easy transport. And to inform you once the check is done, an alarm will sound to indicate your oxygen level and heart rate. Once done, it will automatically power off after 8 seconds.

Check out these amazing features that are designed to deliver convenient, comprehensive, and accurate readings!

  • PERFUSION INDEX (PI): This feature is essential to improve the reliability of each reading dramatically. The PI conveniently informs you of the strength of your pulse and assesses peripheral perfusion dynamics due to changes in peripheral vascular tone.
  • MULTI-DIRECTIONAL DISPLAY: This pulse oximeter gives your 4 directions and 6 modes to allow you to view your results in any direction so that you can get access to your data with ease and convenience.

  • AUTO ALARM FUNCTION: OxiCare’s alarm will notify you via warning sounds once the measured values go beyond the setting for immediate response.

OxiCare is one of the go-to brands for quality pulse oximeters. See these amazing reviews:

The Best Pulse Oximeter Ever—Period!

Out of all the Pulse Oximeters I had in the past, this device from OxiCare is the absolute standout. And here’s why. The OxiCare readings a ±2% accuracy, which is far better than most popular brands. I also got to test this accuracy after a couple of trips to the doctors because of my asthma. And mind you, the readings this device gave were in line with the ER. Ever since then, I’m confident that the data this pulse oximeter provides is pretty accurate.

Joshua, C., Verified Purchase

Comprehensive report? This device got it!

If daily data about your health status is something you need to create in-depth conversations with your doctor, then this OxiCare Pulse Oximeter is a great tool. Also, the device’s accuracy is something that you will appreciate. Unlike other brands that give you 10 point or higher difference, this one goes between 2 to 5 points only. I even do multiple tests at once to get an average reading for better results. Great product, indeed!

Johannes W., Verified Purchase

Key Features:

  • OLED display for easy read, 4 direction adjustable
  • Simultaneous display for testing value and bar graph
  • Low-power consumption
  • Low battery voltage indicator
  • Auto power off 8 seconds automatic shutdown
  • Very light: weight only 2.2 oz with 2 AAA alkaline batteries (batteries not included)
  • Fits every finger size
  • 6,000 spot checks
  • FDA approved


  • SpO2
    • Measurement range: 70% – 99%
    • Resolution: ±1%
    • Accuracy: ±2% (70%-99%), unspecified (<70%)
  • Pulse Rate
    • Measurement range: 30 BPM – 240 BPM
    • Resolution: ±1%
    • Accuracy: ±2bpm or +2% (select larger)
    • Low Perfusion ≤0.4%
  • Power: 2AAA 1.5 V alkaline battery (not included in the package)
  • Supply voltage: 2.6-3.6V
  • Air Pressure: 70kPA – 106 kPa
  • Working Current: ≤ 30 mA

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Earle salas
So good I bought another for my mom!

These are great to have around the house in case someone gets sick and needs to check their oxygen and pulse. The awesome thing about this monitor is the real time visual pulse line down the side that snows the shape and intensity of your pulse so you can see if there are any irregularities. When my mom came down with COVID, I went ahead and bought another one so I could drop mine off on her porch and make sure her oxygen levels stayed healthy. I know it's accurate, as well, because my mother in law was in the hospital recently and had a consistent 93% saturation so we checked her when she got home and that's exactly what this showed. Do yourself a favor and buy this!

Marcela Webb
Works exactly as expected

Having a bad cough, I was tested for COVID and the flu, but both came back negative but there was concern over my blood oxygen level at 93%. I got my prescription and ordered this all in the same day. After starting the antibiotic, my levels were back up to 99% but have seen them drop immediately after a coughing fit. The price was good and the ratings were high, and I would agree with the ratings. Five stars. Nice to have a reference level that I can trust.

Lynn Gulbranson
Great buy!

Love this pulse oximeter. This is my 2nd purchase. Ordered this before, before the pandemic, for my emergency kit for our home and for the reason that me and my son has asthma we wanna make sure that our SPO2 is within the normal range and i order again to bring with me in my purse all the time. Accurate I must say. And is very convenient, compact, portable and easy to use. Just throw in your purse, it's safe since it comes with pouch and lanyard. This will be a great gift for medical workers or just for personal use. I will definitely recommend this.

Juan Macias
Great for People with Asthma!

I am a 25-year-old male, I have asthma, and right now I am maybe 10-20 pounds overweight. I have relatively well-controlled asthma, however, sometimes if I get sick my asthma gets pretty bad. Given that we are in a global pandemic with a disease that is usually severe for people like me, I decided that even though my SPO2 levels sometimes dip below my typical 98-99% levels, it's very important to take your vitals daily, at specific times if you have a routine, in order to get a baseline for what is normal for you. This is a better indicator of whether or not you are sick with either a respiratory disease and/or your asthma/other respiratory condition is worse one-day-verses another. This partcicular SPO2 metering device was priced well & is very accurate. Some of my complaints are that it is made in a way that contributes to climate change and environmental pollution. This pollution is the very reason for not only destroying our planet, but why people like myself develop asthma in the first place. However, desp

Teresa Torres
Saved my boyfriend’s life from COVID!

I felt so stupid buying this. I got it once I was pretty sure we were about to test positive at our house. I knew in our 40s we were low risk and we never go to the doctor so it felt silly, but I did it. I stayed at 99%. No issues. Out of nowhere, my boyfriend wakes up and can’t breathe - no previous symptoms and no pre-existing conditions. I knew what it had to be and checked his oxygen and it was at 71% and I knew it was ER time. He was nearly unconscious by the time we made it and they said he got there in time as they also read him at 71% 15 mins later. Scariest thing ever and had we not had this he’d have kept trying to self treat at home until it was too late. He works in construction and we had no idea he’d have the reaction he did, but this monitor let me know what the issue was and get him help in time. I ordered and sent one to my mom immediately after.