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Weppu Baby Bedwetting Sensor Alarm, Sensitive Sensor, Strong Vibration and Lights, Gentle Alarm Sounds

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Weppu Baby Bedwetting Sensor Alarm, Sensitive Sensor, Strong Vibration and Lights, Gentle Alarm Sounds

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



The Right Potty-training Night Time Habits Starts With a Dedicated Parent and The Weppu Baby Bedwetting Sensor Alarm!

This Toddler-friendly Device Will Help Your Kids Become More Independent in Developing Potty Training Habits Even at Night!

The Weppu is a must-have for parents teaching their kids potty training habits as it gives immediate and effective solution to a common problem.

What the Weppu does is it establishes a potty-training habit. When the alarm sounds as soon as it detects moisture, it will automatically wake the child and allowing them to quickly go to the bathroom.

Over time, your child will associate the sensation of a full bladder with the sound of the alarm and eventually begin to wake up on their own before wetting the bed!

This cost-effective solution is also non-invasive, and enables kids to learn night time potty training habits without getting stressed out. 


🌟Loud sound, strong vibration, and bright light alert system to wake your child. The bed wetting alarm features a loud sound, strong vibration, and bright light alert system designed to instantly wake your child and help them overcome bedwetting. This effective combination of sensory cues ensures that your child is promptly alerted and able to respond quickly to the alarm.

🌟Adjustable elastic armband that fits snugly and comfortably around the upper arm. The bed wetting alarm features an adjustable elastic armband that fits snugly and comfortably around your child’s upper arm. This means that your child can wear the alarm all night without any discomfort, ensuring that they are always alerted if bedwetting occurs.

🌟High sensitivity sensor detects urine and alerts child immediately upon bedwetting. The high sensitivity sensor prevents bed-wetting from getting worse by signaling the alarm as soon as moisture is detected. The alarm will immediately alert your child and allow them to quickly go to the bathroom.

🌟Mini size that can be easily hidden under clothing, perfect for potty training and curing bedwetting. Its small size makes it easy to hide under clothing, giving your child the freedom and independence they need to overcome bedwetting. Get one today and help your child say goodbye to bedwetting for good!

🌟 Suitable for babies, children, elders, or people who require assistance with personal care. Whether you’re looking for a way to help your child develop healthy potty habits or you’re looking for a reliable solution for yourself or a loved one, this bed wetting alarm is the perfect choice.

Note: item’s color may be slightly different due to different monitor setting, please in kind prevail. Thanks!


  • Color: White
  • Material: ABS
  • Power Supply: 2 * 3V CR2025 Button Battery
  • Wire Length: 92cm
  • Item Size: 5.0 * 4.0 * 1.5cm / 1.97 * 1.57 * 0.59in
  • Item Weight: 47g / 1.66oz
  • Package Size: 10.3 * 10.3 * 4.4cm / 4.06 * 4.06 * 1.73in
  • Package Weight: 138g / 4.86oz

Package List:
1 * Bedwetting Alarm
1 * Screwdriver
1 * User Manual (English)
2 * Sticker
1 * Record Card

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Robert D. Mason
Worked in a week!!!

Our seven-year-old son was still wetting the bed every night in his pull-ups and we tried lots of things till we were sleepless! After buying this pee alarm, he started keeping the bed dry after 1 week!!! It took 3 weeks to be sure he didn't need a pee mat under him and a month before we quit insisting he wears it. He's been 100% since for the last few months. This is one of the best-kept secrets out there.

We attached it to the front of his underwear and just the slightest drop of liquid sets it off. It's loud and won't quit till he unclips it which is good. After a few accidents, it would cause him to quit peeing. He would either fall back asleep or go to the potty. It takes a simple coin battery which we won't ever have to worry about, probably even if our 2-year-old ends up needing it. We'll probably use it just because it works so well!

Cindy carroll
Use for a 4 year old!

We got this for our 4 year old to help him make it through the night without wetting the bed. The doctor told us that it’s “normal” to wet the bed but we didn’t feel like waiting until he was older to nip this in the bud. So we bought it. We moved his bed into our room (little kids need help making it to the potty when it goes off). And it worked so well! The first two nights was a learning curve. We didn’t plug it in right the first time so he wet the bed with no alarm. The second night I forgot to turn it back on so he wet the bed but once we got the hang of it he woke up (scared a little) but made it to the bathroom. After a week of this he started sleeping through the night with no bed wetting. Two weeks into it with no bed wetting he told me he didn't want to wear it and he has been dry every night ever since. I would recommend this for young children as long as the parents are invested. My son is so proud he doesn’t wet the bed and even said he loved his alarm. Don’t wait. Just buy this and help you kid stop wetting the bed!

Catherine L. Moss
This thing is magic.

I've waited writing something on this because to be completely honest I'm still shocked and confused. Our son turned 7 in March and has been day trained since he was 22 months old. We have tried every single thing in the world for night training and this poor kid wets every...single..night. Not every once in a while but every night. It was getting to the point where we took him to the doctor to see if he had a medical problem. I purchased this as a last resort before his doctor stepped in. I knew it wouldn't work because its "just an alarm"..but I had to try. Well...all I can say is this little alarm is magic. He wore it constantly for probably 6 weeks with accidents. We almost gave up and I remembered someone saying it can take up to 12 weeks to train the brain so we kept on. All of a sudden just like that...he stopped wetting at night. What?! For real this thing is unreal. I've tried to explain it to everyone I know that has kids. If you have that one sweet kid who is struggling this is it. I have no idea how or why it works but it does. His pediatrician was so shocked she even wrote down the name of it. He is on about month 4 now with no accidents. Highly recommend!

Simone Chancey

I got this for my 5 year old who was still in pull ups at night. She just wouldn't/couldn't get up to go when she needed to. Let me tell you for the price, you cannot beat it. It cost about the same as a month supply of pull ups. We decided to try it out. I sugguest getting at least two mats to interchange at night just in case for accidents( there will be a few!). At first, she would have accidents every night and the alarm would go off. Soon she learned to stop it and finish in the bath room, than she would get up or hold her pee til morning. When she didn't have accidents anymore we took her off of it. So it def trained my daughter!

Cheryll J. Schmid
Life changing

My 7 year old twin boys were struggling with nighttime bed wetting. I had tried everything, waking them up a couple times a night to go potty, trying different types of underwear so they’d feel the wetness more, restricting liquids for hours before bed and they would still go 2-3 times per night. It was awful and so demoralizing for them. Then we tried these alarms and although the first 1-2 weeks were slow and frustrating for them and a little sleep-depriving for me, it was 1000% worth it because by week three, they were making huge improvements and by 6 weeks, they were fully trained to stop themselves mid-pee, get up on their own and go to the bathroom. I had a little station in the bathroom with a plastic container for wet undies, incontinence pads (I used washable ones bc they were softer and not hot, plastic feeling) and blankets (used the small fleece blankets leftover from preschool), a stack of new undies and tshirts (in case they got wet), wipes and a stack of clean incontinence pads. It seems overwhelming at first but if you just start it, you won’t regret it. All this was done between two households by the way. Dad was skeptical but admitted that he was wrong and can’t believe how well these worked.